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Mapping Malaria in Guinea Bissau.Africa, Afrique, Bafata, Guinée-Bissau, Nations Unies, PNUD, UNDP, United Nations, malaria, paludisme.9 April 2019 – Hospital of Cossé, Guinea-Bissau..Herculano Da Silva, 34 years old, responsible for the Cossé Health Zone, about 180 km east of Bissau, is digitizing malaria data at the hospital of Cossé, using a mobile tablet, on April 9th, 2019. In Guinea-Bissau, where malaria is the leading cause of mortality and a significant cause of poverty, a partnership between UNDP, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the government and the World Bank is introducing real-time monitoring using mobile tablets to digitize malaria data. The utilization of this technology is strengthening the capacity of the national government to map, track, prevent and respond to malaria outbreaks in real time. ..©UNDP Guinea Bissau / Gwenn Dubourthoumieu
©UNDP Guinea Bissau / Gwenn Dubourthoumieu

UNDP's approach is one of inclusive whole-of-society digital transformation. It's a coordinated approach between government, civil society and the private sector. Our focus builds ownership, supports human-centered design, mitigates risks, and establishes sustainable accountability.


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Digital Transformation Framework

The Digital Transformation Framework helps stakeholders align on the key elements of inclusive digital transformation. The framework allows these actors to identify, structure, and prioritize efforts. The Framework can be adapted to fit many contexts, including country offices and HQ teams. The first step of implementing the framework is the Digital Readiness Assessment.

Digital Transformation Framework v2 English

Digital Readiness Assessment

The Digital Readiness Assessment helps governments and country officers develop a realistic understanding of their digital strengths and weaknesses, as understood via the Digital Transformation Framework. The assessment isn’t just a rating, but a cross-cutting, hybrid qualitative-quantitative analysis, delivering in a matter of weeks what previously took months, or even years.

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