Development in the digital age

Digital is transforming the world around us. It is changing the way we work, how we study, how we access services, and how we interact with each other. There is hardly an aspect of our lives that has not been transformed by digital technology.

The COVID-19 crisis, with its far-reaching socio-economic impact, has brought wide recognition of the value of connectivity and digital technologies. Countries with more developed digital infrastructures have been able to respond and recover more efficiently. Digital has helped millions of kids to stay in school, millions of people to keep their jobs, and governments to continue serving their citizens.

The pandemic has accelerated the transformation that was inevitable. Now, we are at a defining moment of setting the blueprint of what our lives and economies could be: greener, more inclusive, and equitable.


“Digitisation offers huge opportunities for sustainable development.”

       -- Achim Steiner, Administrator of the UN Development Programme

#DigitalUNDP: a changing organization

UNDP has a strong history of innovation. Since 2014, UNDP has invested in over 140 experiments across programme countries, growing from prototypes to landing new ways of working in programme design and policy. UNDP is currently undergoing a major digital transformation to become future-focused — capable of making its digital expertise available to governments, ultimately allowing them to provide better services to citizens.

In 2019, UNDP released the Digital Strategy which set out the path for our digital evolution through 2021. Responding to the ever-changing digital landscape, we aim to use advancements in technology to deliver better results for our partners and communities in which we work.

Our vision is to be a thought leader in digital development, integrating digital technologies in our advisory capacity, optimizing delivery models, and creating new ones. 

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